Junek Consulting, LLC

Junek Consulting offers aggressive property tax consulting services for a wide range of property valuation issues.

What sets us apart is our hands-on approach to every property we represent. Our consultants are involved in every aspect of the property tax protest and hearing process to ensure each property is properly analyzed and the lowest valuation is achieved.

Our clients also benefit from our over 40 years of construction experience that enables us to better understand and evaluate components of each property to ensure the appropriate property classification and condition codes are applied. We also have local knowledge of coastal-tier properties, giving us a distinct edge and understanding of unique construction types such as elevated homes.

Our success with commercial properties and experience in commercial property management helps us to better understand your project’s dynamic. Our hands-on approach goes a step further with our commercial property tax assistance by learning about all aspects of the property and operation so we can select a valuation approach that will best suit each property and ensure the lowest valuation.